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Why I’m Hooked on ‘Doctor-Hailing’ Apps

Shared by Radhika Narayanan | 0 285 1 | about 3 years ago

Feeling sick? Just fire up an app on your phone, talk to a nurse or doctor and have your drugs sent to the nearest pharmacy within the hour. Sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s exactly what I did on a recent evening, when I couldn’t get myself to my doctor’s office during a terrible cold.

They’re known as “telemedicine” services, and if you haven’t heard of them by now, they’re one of Silicon Valley’s ever-expanding ventures into the health space. As part of a larger push for a data-based healthcare system—and on the heels of the Affordable Care Act’s rules and regulations—the tech industry isn’t waiting around when it comes to innovating the patient experience. Because Obamacare’s law includes incentives for innovation and cost-cuts, tech startups can become a booming byproduct of the looming new generation of healthcare.

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