Why Obamacare is a Failure from a Doctor’s Perspective, and How to Fix It.

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I got an email from a fan this morning with a link to an article “Dr. Marc Siegel: What doctors know about the ObamaCare crisis (and you should, too)” by (of course) Dr. Marc Siegel. His premise is one I haven’t considered. The plans on the healthcare exchanges don’t have large diverse networks. When you go to the doctor demanding service, you may need lab work, x-rays, specialists, and all manner of things that the general practitioner doesn’t or even can’t provide. This means they can’t send you to their preferred partner, down the prebuilt channel, they have to farm your referral out to some practitioner they have never heard of and then re-integrate your data from several disparate sources, back into your medical records, wasting everyone’s time and money, and ultimately increasing the cost and complexity of healthcare.

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