Wyoming hospital first to link interoperable alarm between Cerner, Hospira

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Cerner’s CareAware Event Management software makes it possible to route alerts from Hospira medical devices to clinicians’ mobile phones.
Sheridan Memorial Hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming, is the first healthcare provider to integrate Cerner’s CareAware Event Management tool with Hospira’s infusion system Alarm Forwarding technology.

Hospira, a Pfizer company, develops I.V. solutions, smart pumps, pain management and safety software technology.

Cerner’s CareAware Event Management technology routes alerts from medical devices or nurse call systems to a clinician’s mobile device.

The connection means Sheridan Hospital has expanded its infusion alarm management functionality, Cerner said.

Within the hospital, clinicians can receive alarm information from Hospira’s Plum A+ infusion system through Cerner’s CareAware Event Management. The combination also makes it possible to escalate alerts among clinicians whenever they need help or a primary caregiver is not readily available.

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