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Your Medical Records Are The Next Big Target For Hackers

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Will the dark NEW YORK — You just don’t hear this every day: “I invented the ‘dark web.’”

For Paul Syverson, co-creator of the Tor web browser, the claim is true.

Syverson stood in front of journalists and tech professionals Thursday, making this declaration in an airy room tucked away on the second floor of Manhattan’s Museum of Jewish Heritage. Sunlight poured in through the windows. Outside, tour boats swished through the Hudson River.

This was an odd setting for an “Inside the Dark Web“ conference, with talk about cybercrime and anonymized “onion routing“ on the Internet. But any daydreaming about the nice weather was halted toward the end of Syverson’s keynote, when he mentioned an emerging threat to people’s online privacy.web save us?

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